Wouldn’t you choose anti-fouling and anti-bacterial decoration paint? Melbourne house interior and exterior paint company tells you

Are you still worrying about excessive harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia? When buying indoor and outdoor paint and coatings, many people pay attention to the various safety inspection indicators of the paint itself. The Melbourne House Indoor and Outdoor Paint Company revealed that the buyer has the right to check the quality inspection report of the paint manufacturer, and then you can pass the different The quality inspection report of paint products makes a better choice.

  1. How to choose a more healthy and environmentally friendly paint
    Many materials are used for indoor and outdoor decoration. Paint is a common type of paint. It can beautify people’s living environment and make your life more colorful. A good paint color ratio can also affect people’s appetite. And mood, Melbourne House Indoor and Outdoor Paint Company will reveal the secrets for you. Choosing healthier paints needs to be judged according to the inspection report.
    The content of VOC and benzene is an important reference point. These are harmful gases to the human body, and these substances are very volatile. If the content of formaldehyde and other substances is relatively high, it will seriously affect people’s health. Healthy, living in such an environment for a long time, the function of each organ of the human body will decline, choosing a healthy and environmentally friendly paint, the content of these substances is very important.
  2. Waterproof and antifouling performance inspection
    The indoor and outdoor paint company of Melbourne House specially made a series of comparisons for consumers, so that consumers can feel the performance of the paint more intuitively. For example, the waterproof and antifouling experiment of the paint is to compare with the paint of other products. A paint has stronger antifouling ability.
    It will also compare the ductility of the paint. The commonly used testing method is to use a balloon to judge. This is the paint film ductility test. The first step is to blow the balloon up, and then gently apply a film of paint on the balloon. Melbourne House Indoor and Outdoor Paint Company provides users with more reliable experimental results.
    Then wait for the paint to dry before releasing the air in the balloon to see if the paint has become a finished film. If there is no cracking, it means that the paint has a very good ductility.
  3. Details of the outer packaging of the paint
    So some people want to know how to judge the quality of the paint through the outer packaging of the paint. As long as you carefully observe it, you will see the grade of the paint. Some are marked as first-class, and some are marked as excellent. Melbourne House Indoor and outdoor paint companies specialize in providing users with higher-quality paint products.
    Most of the outer packaging of paint products are cans, and there are many related descriptions of the product, such as net content, manufacturer, date and standard inspection code, etc., these are very important reference content, I believe you will see some codes, It is a series of numbers composed of numbers and letters, and the quality of these paints can be judged through national standards.
  4. How to calculate the amount of paint
    So how to calculate the amount of paint for indoor and outdoor decoration? Melbourne House Indoor and Outdoor Paint Company provides you with a very useful calculation method, which is calculated using your own building area and paintable area of ​​the paint. The specific algorithm is to double the building area and divide by a set of paint. The paintable area can be calculated.
    The painting area of ​​a common bucket of paint on the market is between 60-70 square meters. Due to the different content of the paint in the bucket, there are products of various specifications such as 5L and 6L, so the painting area of ​​a set of paint will also be based on The barrel paint specifications are determined. The Melbourne House Indoor and Outdoor Paint Company reminds you that a set of paint is the amount of paint required from the primer on the wall to the topcoat on the outer layer.
  5. Various indicators of children’s special paint
    Since many families have children, the requirements for the quality of indoor paint will be more stringent. For the safety and health of the baby, many people will choose children’s paint. The performance of this paint will be better, especially antibacterial and antifouling. Ability, the content of benzene series and formaldehyde will also be lower.
    Therefore, the Melbourne House Indoor and Outdoor Paint Company tells you that for the sake of your baby’s health, it is better to choose children’s paint with a higher price. Because children are lively and active, it is inevitable that they will not scribble on the wall, children’s paint The anti-fouling and anti-bacterial ability is particularly strong.
    Even if a child scribbles on the wall with a marker pen, he can easily wipe off the lines without leaving any marks. The stains on the wall are very easy to clean up, and these paints have a strong concealing ability. Melbourne The indoor and outdoor paint company provides a good way to cover a large area of marks that are not easy to wipe. You can apply a layer of paint lightly to completely cover it.
  6. beautiful, strong replaceability
    You must know that tiles are usually used for outdoor decoration, but the construction cost and material cost of ceramic tiles are relatively expensive. When indoor decoration, marble is also used as decoration material, of course, there will be wood materials, etc., Melbourne House Indoor and Outdoor Paint Company It is stated that the use of indoor and outdoor paint can replace these materials and achieve a more beautiful effect.
    Many fine lines can be made with paint during decoration. After the decoration is finished, it will look like a painting. After seeing it, people can’t look away from it. Coupled with the effect of indoor lighting, it can also show a more high-end atmosphere. , Through the appropriate paint color ratio, you can make your indoor and outdoor decoration look new.
  7. Paint material prices and painting labour costs
    I believe that many people are more concerned about the price of paint. The Melbourne House Indoor and Outdoor Paint Company reminds you that because of the different areas of the house that need to be painted, the decoration style, construction difficulty and type of paint will affect the decoration price, so how much will it cost? First of all To know the floor area of ​​the house and the price of the paint selected.

The price of a bucket of paint ranges from $60 $200. Generally speaking, the higher the price of the paint will be better, and it will be safer and more environmentally friendly. The price is also affected by the difficulty of construction. The interior of different Melbourne houses There are also certain differences in the relevant decoration costs of the external paint company. Some indoor and outdoor decoration styles are more special and will take longer. Although it will cost more, the effect after the completion of the decoration is exquisite.

When you don’t know which brand of paint to choose, you can consult the Melbourne House Indoor and Outdoor Painting Company for relevant information. For example, which paint has stronger air purification ability and which paint quality inspection index is more in line with safety standards, no matter what What kind of paint should be kept ventilated for about 20 days after construction, so that all kinds of harmful gases in the paint will be emitted, and then you can stay in peace and enjoy a healthy and beautiful life.