House Exterior Maintenance Painters

Eastern Melbourne area exterior wall maintenance and maintenance paint service: The exterior wall of this material needs to be treated mainly at the joints of the boards. The paint is prone to cracks in the four corners of the window. It is a difficult point to fill the cracks and match the particle density of the surrounding materials. Crack repair requires several repetitions of about three or four processes, and exterior wall paint can not be applied until the surface particles are very close to the surroundings. First remove the raised part of the crack, clean up the slag and impurities inside the crack, and then apply a quick-drying oily primer. Then use a cement-like mixed powder batch for the deeper part, which dries quickly and facilitates subsequent processing; the shallower part is directly used with external wall putty. Next, after leveling, it is treated with paint specially used for rough surface repair. Sometimes it is necessary to use low, medium and high three different density materials to gradually find the ideal state of particle size and division. This process takes about three or four times. The time is about half an hour.

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