Concrete and Plaster House Exterior Painters

Most wall paints are water-based. Water-based means that the paint is soluble in water when it is not dry, and its primer is water. Only one kind of primer may be oily, that is, the old wallboard is too dirty, and the old marks cannot be removed by sanding. At this time, it may be necessary to use an oily primer because its adhesion and covering ability are relatively strong. To get twice the result with half the effort.

There are several types of wall paint according to brightness: It is matte. Most indoor interior walls use matte Semi gloss, which is semi-gloss. The surface is smoother and more reflective. If the wall is not flat, it will easily highlight defects, and it is rarely used in good conditions. If you are pursuing good cleanliness in the future, you can use it; there are more commercial uses, and the rental housing will be more resistant to construction in the future and not afraid of dirt, and it may be used. Gloss, the so-called highlight, is not suitable for basic indoors. We tried oil-based primer and different repair materials this time, and then applied a water-based matt exterior wall paint.

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