Eastern Melbourne Interior Painters

The wall skeletons of Australian houses are all wood, rarely reinforced concrete. The inner wallboard is the gypsum board fixed on the inner plane of the wooden structure by wallboard screws and glue, and the size is one meter by two by two meters. Most of the houses are two meters high and the boards are vertical. The joints of the boards are firstly glued with mesh tape, and then divided into two or three batches of hard and soft ash. After leveling and polishing, you can’t see where the wallboard joints are. This is the so-called internal wall ash. All the places with screws are also screwed with a tool until the screw head is lower than the plane of the board, and then polished by dusting. You can’t see where the screws are. Basically, one is 20 cm apart. There are wooden strips on the upper and lower sides of the wall, nailed into the wood. Paint the gap after glueing.

Therefore, this wallboard is very weak, and it will definitely be able to penetrate it with one kick or even a punch. It does not require much effort. This is why many old Melbourne houses look damaged. Let alone daily bumps and scratches or cracks. These can be repaired by dusting and polishing to completely level, which is not a problem for painters. So painting is not done with a roller brush, the craftsmanship is all about preparation. The interior wallboards are all gypsum boards with a layer of paper on the surface. This layer of paper is more water resistant than our ordinary paper. After the new wall panel or the dusting, you need to apply the primer. The function of the primer is to make the paint more closely fit the wall surface. After the primer is applied, some uneven places are easily highlighted. After this, the wall is smoother by dusting and polishing.

After the primer, two top coats are applied. It is the interior of the daily living room. Wall panels are roughly divided into 11 mm and 13 mm. Of course it is thick. Why are there thinner ones? Because the material saves money, cutting and installation will save effort.



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