Blackburn South Plaster House Exterior Painters

Burwood east Melbourne house exterior refresh painting after washing and minor repairs. We used Dulux Acra. Tex Elastomeric 201 for plaster house exterior painting, Weathershield for timber trims. Elastomeric leaves minimal roller stipple for even coverage and weatherproofing as well as Anti-carbonation, only available in matt (low sheen) format, to enhanced crack bridging, water tightness, high tensile strength, long term durability, dirt resistance, protect spalled concrete and good crack bridging.

The paint will be applied ideally to all type of plaster house exteriors which is very common in Auckland. Plastering house owners have been worrying about water leaking from the crackings or possible cracks for a long time. Regular maintenance painting helps to prevent crackings from happening before more problems are created.

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